How does it work?

How does it work?

Data Collection

Digital data collection in kindergartens and pre schools.
Get scientifically valid data of the everyday life in ECEC.
Information about how children’s daily life is affected by educational decisions.
Observers are trained experts and the method is professionally tested.
Simple and easy to use data input to the cloud service.
Cloud service provide essential indicators of early education.
Research-based questions.
Enable comparison between kindergartens, areas, cities, countries, or globally.


The process can be analysed in real time, All information will be combined in a cloud service for analysis.

We can follow the trends of the early education development.

The analysis connects the actions of the children with the evaluation made by the teachers and the principals.


After analysis the participants will get feedback.

The data will tell about Children, teachers and the learning environment.

How the pedagogical solutions are connected to the actions of children.

Through the cloud service, teachers and Principals can follow their education quality indicators.


Development tasks are based on data collection, analysis and real-time feedback.

How to improve:

  • Children’s participation,
  • Skills to support children’s learning and growth,
  • Process orientated working methods,
  • Learning by doing and playing,
  • Physical activities,
  • Emotional and well being,
  • Social relations,
  • Pedagogical documentation.