Progressive Feedback

What is progressive Feedback

It is the most advanced research based preschool pedagogy and quality concept in the world

It is a unique project globally with important new insight in early childhood education

It is a revolution in Kindergarten’s development

Helsinki University Professor Jyrki Reunamo and his research team has developed preschool evaluation tool during 1995-2018.

It is developed by using the theories of Vygotsky and Piaget, combined together in a pedagogical model.

To find out what really happens in early childhood education.

To know how children’s orientations, skills and peer relations impact the activities.

Establish sustainable ECEC development based on valid feedback.

Based on the research results introduce development tasks for the educator teams.

To disseminate the found and tested solutions and the produced models to solve the development tasks nationally and internationally.

Reunamo Method conducted in Finland, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Turkey concerning Early Childhood Education (ECE).

Evaluation and development tool for early education.